An adventurous summer

Go out this summer and enjoy the many memories you will make together with the unique fragrance Don Paradisae. You can read here how you can let go of everything completely and feel like a real adventurer.

Wildlife in the Amazon
Get on a plane to Brazil and have an experience in the Amazon that you will never forget. While your guide steers the boat through the river in search of wildlife, you can fully enjoy the tropical warmth. As the sun slowly rises and pierces through the morning dew, you notice it; Don Paradisae smells suspiciously like this setting… The impressive nature around you provides a multitude of scents and colors that will always remind you of this adventure!

La Bella Italy
Would you rather look a little closer to home? You don't have to go far for adventures! Italy is the perfect country to enjoy delicious food and drinks with your loved one.

Go crazy and don't choose the well-known cities, but go on a journey of discovery. Rent a convertible, put on your linen shirt and go. Stroll through the many authentic villages. Make it an adventure by not planning your entire trip. Let the locals guide you to discover the most unique, romantic places to sleep. You can count on them knowing what you need!

In the evening, watch the beautiful sunset, which plays with the shadow of the cypresses and the slope of the hills of the beautiful Tuscan landscape, while that beautiful woman puts her nose in your neck for a while.

Vamos a la playa!!!
The wind past your head, your favorite music from the speakers, on the way to a wonderful beach. Whatever happens, you impress!

Breathe in the scent of the freedom of the sea and the beach. You have no obligation and you decide what feels best for you. Lying on the beach, the wind gently playing with your skin, or people watching at a beach bar. Perhaps with dancing in the sand as a dessert of a wonderful day. Don't let anything stop you and take it easy: this summer you will never forget!

The smell of the sea, sunscreen, cocktails and a balmy evening breeze will always stay with you.

Adventure for a while, memories for a lifetime
Unfortunately, these summer adventures come to an end when you return home. Make sure you don't just depend on the few weeks of freedom in the summer, but enjoy the memories you made. Fragrances awaken those memories and our Don Paradisae is perfect for capturing the scents of your summer adventures. Take a travel spray with you on a trip and enjoy the same unique and elegant scent at home later. Whatever adventure you choose this summer, Don Paradisae will remind you of those lucky moments as an adventurer.