With Eauk, we’re all about reviving the values of true gentlemen. That is to state that a gentleman should always chart his own course, without fading into mediocrity. Allow us to present some of the traits, characteristics and concepts that make a true gentleman in these tricky times.


Yes, in the modern world it may well be considered old fashioned, but we’re not proposing shooting a rival suitor’s grey matter out on the cobbles at dawn. Instead, we’re pulling out her chair at dinner (not for a prank, you understand), taking his or her coat without a thought, and holding open the door for all and sundry. Who said gallantry was dead?


Sometimes, the best answer to a question is simply, “I don’t know.” Vulnerability, honesty and self-deprecation are far more endearing traits than their polar opposites. You are not perfect. But that’s what makes you so interesting. (If Shakespeare’s not your thing, by the way, here’s Kendrick Lamar being slightly more direct on the same topic: “Be humble.”)


Quitting your day job to follow entrepreneurial dreams? Standing up to a gaggle of no good louts attempting to relieve an old lady of her handbag? Bravery comes in many forms but, when called on, a gentleman knows when he must step up and make a difference. And if it all ends badly? It’ll simply make for a richer obituary.


Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard, etc etc. Only you’re terribly talented anyway, so just imagine how far you’ll go if you slip it into fifth gear once in a while. Effort is the honest bread in the sandwich of life. Sure, everyone goes on about the meat and the condiments. But without that base-level bread (we’re too deep in the analogy now, bear with us) you might just end up with mayonnaise all over your face. Nailed it? We thought so.


The cornerstone of every gentleman’s character, and one of those nebulous words that is desperately overused. But, essentially, integrity means simply this: knowing who you are, and knowing what is right. It doesn’t mean, of course, that you aren’t open to change. But it means you have a strong internal compass, and a reliance on true north. And who doesn’t need that?