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Bold Dutch Perfumes

We combine classic ingredients with the most fascinating essences of our time to create unique perfumes. Perfumes that will complement you and add intensity to your presence in this world. All Fragrances

For the Gentleman Maverick

Discover the timeless essence of classic and natural ingredients with a modern twist, brought together from all over the world. Wake yourself up and start your next adventure with our daring and enchanting combinations.All Fragrances

Natural Perfumes

Our perfumes contain at least 85% natural ingredients, all have a striking twist and last wonderfully long.All Fragrances

Maak kennis met Chivalrous Bastard

Our latest and most pronounced fragrance! Gives the confidence to stick to your own code and ideals. A seductive and powerful blend of Indian frankincense, Tuscan leather, Himalayan osmanthus, vetiver and sandalwood.More Information



Eau de Voyage

Chivalrous Bastard

Don Paradisae

"Barreur was the fragrant soundtrack of my trip in Paris. The longevity of the fragrance is sublime.
It's the kind of fragrance that naturally becomes a comfortable companion to go out together. The base is powerful and has a range of lighter notes that provide a perfect balance, I'm sure Ernest Hemmingway would appreciate this scent over a drink (or two) in the famous bar of the Ritz.”
Martin Green
Parfum Reviewer
“Impressive smelling fragrances I recently discovered. Powerful notes, very sexy and masculine. But also wonderfully refined and natural.
Perfume Expert & Blogger
I was blessed to have stumbled across Eauk Perfumes. A beautiful brand. I see EAUK as a mirror, reflecting back the inner most thoughts of my love for perfume.“
Peter Herba
“Just look at the craft and craftsmanship of their presentation and packaging. If you think it looks good, you should smell it! Previously I have also reviewed other fragrances for EAUK and all are fascinatingly delicious!”
Perfume Expert & Blogger
" This scent combines what I like from other compositions. The perfect ‘versatile’ suede scent for me that presses all my perfume buttons.
Gunmetal 24
Customer & Collector
Great luxury and exclusive niche fragrances at an affordable price. All fragrances are a brave mix of sexy, elegant elements combined with pure class and style.
They are the scents of a charismatic, confident man who needs no further introduction. “
Perfume Expert & Reviewer
Deep in our guts, we feel the stir!
Deep in our guts, we feel the stir!

Wij vieren de man die zich wil onderscheiden en zijn eigen koers bepaalt. De man die met trots de essentie draagt van wie hij is en wil zijn.


The combination of sultry and energetic makes them want to crawl up your neck.


Make a striking entrance and feel alive... all night long!

Great Gift!
Great Gift!

Treat yourself or that special someone with a great Eau de Parfum.

Forget the synthetic trends, don't believe the plastic sky palace and ignore the duty-free fragrances. Choose a perfume that is just as authentic and distinctive as you are.

We are Eauk! And you?


Barreur 50 ML Eau de Parfum

Regular price€89,00 Sale price€115,00
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Pomander 50 ML Eau de Parfum

Regular price€89,00 Sale price€115,00
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Eau de Voyage 8 ML Eau de Parfum

Regular price€11,00 Sale price€19,00
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Chivalrous Bastard 50 ML Eau de Parfum

Regular price€89,00 Sale price€139,00
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Don Paradisae 50 ML Eau de Parfum

Regular price€89,00 Sale price€119,00
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