In a boring, synthetic ruled, industry, France and Italy are often called the cradle of perfume…  However, The Dutch were the first to discover some of the most mythical and sophisticated fragrant treasures present. With Eauk, we revive the trailblazers of old and love to add to your new stories to be told. How it all started? 


After a blockade by the Spanish and Portuguese, the Dutch took on the challenge to find new sailing routes. After an adventurous journey and with the loss of many, the first trailblazers brought back precious cargo. All sorts of spices, herbs and other ingredients were introduced to the elite of the low countries.


In the 1600’s business was booming. More and more ships were sent to all corners of the world. Being quite entrepreneurial and explorative, the Dutch quickly became the leading sailing nation in the world. Life was good and without hesitation, it was called the golden age.


 Strouting around like pigeons, to show their wealth, fortunate naval officers and noblemen started wearing Pomanders, precious ball formed jewels, worn around the neck containing a mysterious flurry from faraway countries carried. To smell their best themselves and to repel the cities fragrances.


Being descendants of the first sailing adventurers and having a sound lust for life, we started our quest to revive some of the first bold and elegant Dutch perfumes. We travelled the world for the best ingredients, worked closely with a variety of the best noses and learned from fragrance historians. Finally, we came up with our first fragrance, Pomander.


After the success of Pomander, we brought our Barreur fragrance, French for helmsman, always on deck, steering through the next storm. With the rise of Barreur, we also made a switch to more and more natural ingredients and increasing the great longevity of our perfumes.


Our story continues. By developing new fragrances based on the treasures our forefathers brought back. By adding exclusive stockists all over the world. We keep celebrating the gentleman Maverick. Those who don’t mind a scratch or two and know that a knight in shining armor never got his metal truly tested.